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UM Host-Pathogen Interactions Graduate Program

The University of Maryland NIH T32 training grant supported program in Host- Pathogen Interactions immerses students in interdisciplinary host-pathogen research, striving to integrate advances in pathogenesis with genomics, bioinformatics and engineering. Our training program has strong translational research compotent, as trainees interact not only with experts in their own research area, but with scientists in other disciplines, such as computer sciences, bioengineering, and environmental sciences.

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Dr. Wade Winkler and his HPI T32 Trainee Margo Gebbie recently published their exciting work in Science describing a riboswitch-containing sRNA that controls gene expression of the ethanolamine utilization locus in the opportunistic pathogen Enterococcus faecalis by sequestration of a two-component response regulator. Margo Gebbie This work reveals a novel posttranscriptional mechanism to coordinately regulate gene expression (see Perspective).The study was done in collaboration with Dr. Danielle Garsin at UT Health Sciences Center in Houston.

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